Types of Surfaces You Can Use For Oil Painting

Oil painting is one of the most popular types of painting. The reason why it is hugely popular is its versatility. Another thing that makes it a popular choice is the ability to keep working the paints for a specific period of time until you are happy with the end result. This is mainly because oil paint takes longer to dry. Another good reason why oil paints are popular is the vibrancy of the colors and oil paint permanence. In other words, oil painting arts can last for several hundreds of years.

Most oil painting Kent artists use the traditional canvas to paint on to. The stretched canvas has always been a preferred choice of painters for oil painting. However, many other surfaces can also be used for oil painting. Bear in mind that no matter what surface you want to use make sure it is primed. To do so, you can purchase ready mixed primer from any good art supply shop. Fortunately, there are various options available. Let’s have a look at some popular surfaces that you can use for oil painting.

The surface is canvas board. It needs to be primed beforehand. You can easily purchase it from any supply shop. You can use it when you have to work outdoors as it is easier to use canvas board in outdoor environment. This surface gives more solid base to work on. It is easily less damaged than other types of surfaces, especially stretched canvas.

Another surface that you can use is MDF and other woods. These surfaces also need to be primed. You can purchase these surfaces from any local DIY store in various thicknesses. In addition to this, you can use any kind of wood available in outdoors. However, make sure the wood surface you are using is treated because untreated surfaces tend to crack and warp.

Paper that is specifically formulated for oil painting is another popular surface that you can use. These types of papers usually have a type of canvas texture to them that you can use to your benefit. However, avoid using papers that are not specifically formulated for oil painting arts.

Some other popular surfaces for oil paintings include walls, plaster and glass. The key to create amazing oil painting art on any kind of surface is make sure that the surface you are using is primed.

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