Photobooth Hire: A Must for Weddings

A wedding is one of the unforgettable milestones of human beings in the course of their lives and each person gets to attend at least one wedding in his life time. And because this event should be unforgettable not only for the couple or the newlyweds but also for their family and friends, it is a must to have at least one photographer, preferably professional. And another must have for weddings in the past few years are photobooth hires.

Some of you may not be familiar with the term. What is a photobooth hire offered by companies like photo booth hire Leeds? Well, a photobooth, as per Wikipedia, is a vending machine or modern kiosk that contains an automated, usually coin-operated, camera and film processor. The outcome of the pictures may not necessarily be of DSLR quality (I’m not even sure what type of camera they usually use) but the outcome of the pictures are, for the most part, great! (At least they’re good enough to be posted in Facebook, Instagram or any of your favorite social media sites). The outcome of the pictures are small, usually pocket sized images and you may even have the option to have them printed out as stickers (paper being used to print the pictures are of good quality).

Why decide to get a photobooth hire instead of just a professional photographer? Well, for one thing, the professional photographer’s pictures tend to be too formal and there are times you cannot have fun during the pictures because you have to pose a certain angle, etc. but getting a photobooth hire is quite a different experience. The bride, groom and their family and friends will have the opportunity to let their hair down because if there is one goal that a photobooth has in mind, it is fun, fun, fun! You can take wacky pictures that would remind you how much fun you had during the wedding and the reception. Some photobooth hires even include special props like huge sunglasses, colorful wigs and headbands with horns to make it more fun, along with possibly several different back drops to choose from.

Another advantage of booking a photobooth hire is, it would ensure that every one who was at your wedding will have pictures. Sometimes, the professional photographer may just be too focused on the wedding details, the bride, the groom and the wedding entourage that some family, friends and guests may be overlooked but if you have a photobooth situated near the entrance of your reception area, no one gets left unphotographed because let’s face it,who doesn’t want to have their photograph taken at a wedding? It is one of those events that you prepare for whether you are walking down the church’s middle aisle as part of the wedding entourage or just one of the “plus ones.” It’s one of those happy events you want to immortalize in at least one picture because you know you would absolutely look great that day.
Weddings are all about memories, so get a photobooth hire and make your wedding the most unforgettable one today!

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