Fashion Buyer Jobs: Happens After College

An individual who would want to have a career as a fashion buyer would need to have a bachelor’s degree in retail, marketing, fashion or business or any related filed. But this will not ensure landing on the dream job as a fashion buyer. An individual would have to have good characteristics like good eye in fashion, good imagination, good negotiation skills, critical thinking and a good and strong decision making skills. These characteristics with the basic degree would give an individual a good edge in having the career they want. On the internet, one would be able to find jobs if they type in fashion buyer jobs UK to get more information about available opportunities.

Being a fashion designer would be having a similar job as a buyer but entails a more focused and demanding work load. A fashion designer would need to have a basic bachelors degree in fashion where the individual would be taught on how to make dresses, teaches what cut, color and style would be good for their potential client. These are skills that will help them get a job in fashion designing. If they are interested in looking for a job, an individual can go to the net and type in fashion design jobs UK.

Both jobs are stressful and demanding. In both jobs there are characteristics that are similar to each other. If a buyer needs to be imaginative and creative it is similar to a fashion designer, it is actually a must to have this characteristic. A fashion designer would need to have a keen eye to colors, cut, kind of fabric and other stuff like good eye for accessories. This will be the holistic approach of the fashion industry. They are the source of what the world would be wearing in a few months. In having a good eye for different kinds of fabric, cuts and color that would suit a client, a fashion designer would get a good job in the industry.

People who want to be in the fashion industry would need to have a very enthusiastic. They need to have a positive outlook in life. Demanding as other describe it is sometimes an understatement. There is no definite time to work. A person who wants to be in this kind of industry would need to be flexible. There are times that they work in the wee hours of the morning and there are times when they have to work on weekends. But if an individual would really want to have the job, it would not be a problem.

It is not as glamorous as other people think. Some experts say both fashion buyers and designers would have to work hard to meet their target or dream jobs. Having to work in a magazine or a big fashion consultancy group would be their ultimate goal. This goal is most of the time unreachable for other people but there are times that luck is on their side and lands the job they wanted.

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